Ergonomic Consulting Services at the Cloquet Hospital

Ensure a safe and productive workplace

Ergonomic Consulting Services

Occupational Therapy services for businesses

The health of your business depends upon the health and safety of your workers. Our Occupational Therapy services for businesses include:

  • On-Site Consultation
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Employment Screening
  • Training Programs

CMH Occupational Therapy can help your company with these health and safety needs:

  • Design and perform employment screening
  • Develop functional job descriptions
  • Design return-to-work programs for injured workers
  • Perform work site evaluations
  • Develop and conduct individual and/or group education
  • Develop and conduct manager/supervisor training sessions
  • Assist in accommodating work sites to ADA compliance standards

CMH work injury clinic

Our work conditioning and work hardening program helps workers whose ability to function in a competitive work environment has been impaired by physical illness or injury. Our work station and BTE Simulator II can replicate literally hundreds of work tasks and work site activities. We coach and train injured workers in proper lifting techniques, ergonomic use of tools, and alternative methods of performing work in a safe manner. Our program also provides a comprehensive strengthening and endurance training component to further prepare clients to return to work at their fullest capacity. Participation in our work conditioning program allows clients to gain the confidence they need to successfully return to work.

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