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Hospitalist Services at the Cloquet Hospital

Guiding you through your hospital stay

Hospitalist Services

Your patient-centered journey starts here

The CMH Hospitalist Program launched in 2016 and has experienced rapid growth. Every day our team of hospitalists and multidisciplinary staff meet to ensure all aspects of patient care are addressed.

As a result of the program, patients receive comprehensive, individualized plans of care. CMH physicians care exclusively for hospital patients while working as hospitalists. They do not see patients in private practice during these times. This allows them to focus on what they do best—direct patient care.

Hospitalists guide you through your hospital stay

At Community Memorial Hospital, our hospitalists are board-certified Family Practice, Internal Medicine and other specialty physicians. They spend their hospital shifts working exclusively with CMH patients.

We also have Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNP) who specialize in the field of hospital medicine—they too dedicate their attention to hospital patients. Our hospitalists keep patients up-to-date on their treatment plans and progress throughout their stay.

Whom do hospitalists care for?

CMH hospitalists care for the hospitalized patients of local physicians who have requested to use our services, as well as patients who do not currently have a primary care provider.

While long-term patients may see more than one hospitalist during their stay at CMH, our team will coordinate to provide exemplary, consistent care.

Types of Hospitalists

Hospitalists coordinate patient care during the day. They work closely with other specialty physicians and consult with the patient’s primary care provider as needed.

Nocturnists are hospitalists who work overnight. Their role is to admit patients and address existing patient concerns.

Advanced Practice Clinicians are licensed non-physicians. The main role of our CNPs is to assist hospitalists with different aspects of inpatient care.

Patient benefits

CMH hospitalists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are equipped to respond quickly to crisis situations.

  • Our hospitalists provide daily bedside visits, and will see patients multiple times a day if needed.
  • Nurses can contact hospitalists at any time.
  • In addition, our hospitalists can quickly follow up on test results and adjust the patient’s medical care plan as needed.
  • They can also partner with the patient’s primary care provider.
  • Our hospitalists provide detailed admission reports and discharge summaries for primary care providers. As such, primary care providers will assume responsibility for the patient’s follow-up care after discharge.
  • When hospitalists treat patients at CMH, primary care physicians can focus on caring for their clinic patients with fewer interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

What do CMH hospitalists know about me?
Our hospitalists use electronic health records to review your medical history. They may also communicate with your primary care physician or clinic to request any additional information they find important to your care.

What if I need a specialist?
Hospitalists have ongoing relationships with specialists in the area. No matter the time or situation, they will ensure you receive the specialized care you need.

Will CMH hospitalists continue to treat me after my stay?
Patients will return to their primary care physician for follow-up treatment. If you do not have an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician, the hospitalists in our program can help you find one. The CMH Family Clinic offers primary care and is staffed by expert family medicine physicians. The clinic welcomes patients of all ages, including families, and our doctors offer a full spectrum of care right here at CMH.

How can I get my medication?
Upon discharge, patient prescriptions will be given for one to two weeks. However, since hospitalists do not provide refills after discharge, patients must see their primary care physician for further prescription refills.

For more information about CMH Hospitalist Services, call 218-878-7654.

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