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CMH Raiter Family Clinic at the Cloquet Hospital

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CMH Raiter Family Clinic

Comprehensive care for the whole family

Primary care is officially defined as “health care provided by a medical professional with whom a patient has initial contact and by whom the patient may be referred to a specialist.” But we like to think of it in simpler terms: your healthcare home base.

Your primary care provider (PCP) is your first call when you’re injured or sick. They’re also the provider you return to year after year. They know you, your health, and your values better than anyone else in the healthcare system. And because of that, they’re uniquely qualified to advocate on your behalf for any health issues that may arise in the future.

At CMH Raiter Family Clinic, we deliver high quality primary care with small town attention. Benefits of establishing with a PCP at CMH Raiter Family Clinic include:

  • Cultivating trust. Your health is extremely personal. Patients with a trusted PCP are more comfortable confiding symptoms or concerns, which means catching and treating illness faster.
  • A provider who knows you can advocate for you best. Our PCPs routinely refer patients to specialists to be treated properly.
  • All in the family. PCPs can treat everyone in your family, making clinic visits more convenient.

The healthcare system can be overwhelming to navigate. If you have health concerns or are just due for a wellness visit, let’s check-in! Don’t have a provider? That’s no problem. The following providers are currently accepting new patients:

Dr. Charles Kendall
Dr. Joanna Robnik
Dr. Jessica Woodward Lavan
Greg White, DNP
Jackie Lindberg, FNP
Lea’Ola Fields, AGNP

Same-day sick visits for your convenience

The clinic is open weekdays 8 AM-5 PM and accepts same-day appointments at 218-879-1271. 

Looking for specialty care? CMH Raiter Family Clinic providers have an excellent network of on-site and visiting specialists that are available with and without  referral. Services are listed below:

No referral required:

Physician’s referral required:

Our family medicine practitioners

Online scheduling is available for current patients of CMH Raiter Family Clinic for sick visits, injuries, and medication refill visits. Book an appointment online now.  If you are a new patient to CMH Raiter Family Clinic or if you need to schedule any other type of visit, please call 218-879-1271 to schedule.

CMH family medicine providers:

  • Dr. C.W. Hall
  • Dr. Charles Kendall
  • Dr. Erin Louks-Smith
  • Dr. Dan Palmquist
  • Dr. Ken Ripp
  • Dr. Joanna Robnik
  • Dr. Jessica Woodward Lavan
  • Greg White, DNP
  • Jackie Lindberg, DNP
  • Lea’Ola Fields, AGNP

CMH Raiter Family Clinic and your insurance

CMH Raiter Family Clinic offers in-network access for all patients with an insurance plan accepted by Community Memorial Hospital. Call now to make an appointment.

For appointments and more information about the CMH Raiter Family Clinic, please call 218-879-1271.

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