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Raiter Family Clinic at the Cloquet Hospital

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CMH Raiter Family Clinic

Comprehensive care for the whole family

Primary care access is the key to good health for individuals and communities. Staffed by expert family medicine physicians, CMH Raiter Family Clinic encourages patients to take charge of their well-being. 

Our physicians offer a full spectrum of care right in Cloquet, including exploring patients’ personal and family medical histories, providing convenient preventative care, treatments, and procedures.

The clinic welcomes patients of all ages, including families.

Current clinic hours are 8 am-5 pm, M-F with same-day appointments available.

Available out of clinic services are listed below depending on whether a physician’s referral is needed.

No referral required:

Physician’s referral required:

Deliver your baby with CMH Raiter Family Clinic

Obstetric services represent a vital component of primary care practice. At CMH Raiter Family Clinic, our family medicine physicians are committed to preserving and enhancing access to women’s health services.

We are proud to announce that families can welcome their babies in small-town comfort with all the services of a big-city hospital. From natural childbirth to C-sections to inpatient pediatric care, our family medicine physicians are especially excited to see moms and moms-to-be.

Learn more about CMH’s Birthing Suites, where you can welcome your baby in comfort and surrounded by loving care.

Our family medicine practitioners

Online scheduling is available for current patients of CMH Raiter Family Clinic for sick visits, injuries, and medication refill visits. Book an appointment online now.  If you are a new patient to CMH Raiter Family Clinic or if you need to schedule any other type of visit, please call 218-879-1271 to schedule.

CMH family medicine physicians:

  • Dr. C.W. Hall
  • Dr. Victoria Puumala Heren
  • Dr. Charles Kendall
  • Dr. Natalie Krier
  • Dr. Erin Louks-Smith
  • Dr. Dan Palmquist
  • Dr. Ken Ripp
  • Dr. Joanna Robnik
  • Greg White, NP
  • Jackie Lindberg, NP
  • Dr. Jessica Woodward-Lavan

CMH Raiter Family Clinic and your insurance

CMH Raiter Family Clinic offers in-network access for all patients with an insurance plan accepted by Community Memorial Hospital. Call now to make an appointment.

For appointments and more information about the CMH Raiter Family Clinic, please call 218-879-1271.

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