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Rehabilitation Services at the Cloquet Hospital

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Rehabilitation Services

We’re here to accompany you on your healing journey

A student athlete recovering from a major injury. A child learning to use their voice. A senior re-learning to feed themself after suffering a stroke. Physical, speech, and occupational therapies at CMH help patients of all ages develop strength and function for their optimal life.  

Rehabilitation is a journey. The majority of our patients visit at least once a week for a lengthy period of time. They put a lot of hard work into their recovery during clinic sessions and with at-home exercises. Our therapists work hard to ensure each patient receives personalized, empowering care every step of the way. The bonus? We’re located right in Cloquet, meaning patients don’t have to travel as far to receive treatment.

Occupational Therapy at CMH

Occupational therapists help patients regain and improve function and independence in all areas of daily life. Our staff can help:

  • Patients who are recovering from a stroke or other neurological event regain daily function
  • Patients who are recovering from an injury or surgery of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. CMH currently employs two Certified Hand therapists (CHT).
  • Provide a Community Mobility Skills Assessment to determine a person’s current fitness to drive
  • Provide comprehensive return to work services, including work hardening, work conditioning, and a Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Work with pediatric patients to address disorders or delays of fine motor and visual motor skills, sensory processing and self-regulation, cognitive skills, and social development

Learn more about our Occupational Therapy department.

Physical Therapy at CMH

Board-certified physical therapists help patients regain strength, find relief from pain, improve coordination, and return to functional mobility. Our staff provide treatments for conditions such as the following:

  • Sports injuries (post injury and/or surgical recovery)
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Stroke recovery
  • Balance problems
  • TMJ/jaw dysfunction
  • Neuromuscular diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and muscular dystrophy

See a full list of conditions treated by physical therapy.

Speech-Language Pathology at CMH

Speech and language disorders affect a person’s ability to speak, understand, write and read. These disorders have a range of causes and may vary from a few speech sound errors to a total loss of the ability to speak and communicate effectively. Our speech language pathologists (SLPs) help patients of all ages with:

  • Communication problems after a concussion, stroke, brain injury, or illness
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Augmentative communication (through non-speech methods)
  • Cognitive communication disorders
  • Stuttering/fluency disorders

Learn more about Speech Therapy at CMH.


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