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Spine Surgery at the Cloquet Hospital

Find pain relief with CMH’s Spine Surgery Program

CMH partners with board certified neurosurgeons Dr. Matt Davies & Dr. Jared Broadway to offer spine surgery at our state-of-the-art surgical suites 

The spine is a complex system of vertebrae, joints, muscles, disks, and ligaments. It provides strength and mobility, so you move through the tasks of your daily life. When it’s not functioning properly, the result can be annoying or even debilitating pain in the back or neck.  

Dr. Davies & Dr. Broadway treat a variety of neck/spine deformities, cancers, injuries, and other conditions. Surgeries performed include:  

  • Disk replacement (upper & lower back) 
  • Minimally invasive decompression 
  • Minimally invasive lumbar microdiscectomy  
  • Carpal tunnel release 
  • Minimally invasive SI-Joint Fusion 
  • Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) with the assistance of General Surgeon Dr. John Bollins 
  • Extreme lateral lumbar interbody fusion (XLIF) 
  • Spinal fusion 
  • Removal of spinal tumors 
  • Removal of synovial cysts (in the joints of the spine) 
  • Laminectomy (relieves pressure on nerve roots)  

Meet the Surgeons

Dr. Davies & Dr. Broadway are the Northland’s only independent neurosurgeons. As expert surgeons and leaders in their field, they bring a passion for cutting-edge techniques and personalized patient care to CMH.  

CMH is proud to serve as the partner hospital for Dr. Davies & Dr. Broadway by providing modern surgical facilities and around-the-clock care for patients who undergo spine surgery.  

Who should consider spine surgery?

Many patients with neck or back pain or weakness can be treated non-surgically. Conservative treatments such as physical therapy, medication, or injections are recommended prior to undergoing surgery. However, when these options have been exhausted or symptoms continue to worsen, spine surgery may be the best course of treatment.  

Choosing a Surgeon

The decision to undergo spine surgery is not taken lightly. Dr. Davies & Dr. Broadway provide potential surgical candidates with expert guidance about potential risks and benefits.  

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Davies, please call 218-722-5513 or fill out Orthopaedic Associate’s Contact Form.  

Melissa Rose, APRN, DNP is part of Dr. Broadway’s team. She sees all initial spine surgery consults at the CMH Specialty Clinic. To schedule an appointment with Melissa, please call 218-878-7626.  

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