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Sleep Clinic at the Cloquet Hospital

Discover noninvasive treatments for sleep apnea

Sleep Clinic

Do you snore? Wake up tired? You may have sleep apnea

The CMH Sleep Clinic provides non-invasive treatment for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a common disorder—people who suffer from sleep apnea stop breathing dozens of times during sleep and may not breathe for as much as three-fourths of the night. When these non-breathing episodes reach 20 or 30 times a night, sleep apnea can even be life-threatening.

Symptoms of sleep apnea:

  • Loud, chronic snoring.
  • Frequent pauses in breathing during sleep.
  • Gasping, snorting or choking during sleep.
  • Feeling exhausted after waking, and sleepiness during the day, no matter how much time you spent in bed.
  • Waking up with shortness of breath, chest pains, headaches, nasal congestion, or a dry throat.

Treatments for sleep apnea at the CMH Sleep Clinic

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). A CPAP unit delivers a continuous flow of air through the upper respiratory tract and acts as a stent, keeping the tissues from collapsing. The CPAP unit consists of a small air pressure generator connected by tubing to a snug-fitting nasal mask that is worn while sleeping.

Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (Bi PAP). A similar device to the CPAP, bi-level positive airway pressure unit, or Bi PAP, delivers pressurized air flow only during inspiration (breathing in). A Bi PAP unit includes a nasal mask that is worn while sleeping.

CPAP and Bi PAP units are customized to the individual’s needs by our respiratory therapist. Proper fit of the nasal mask is necessary, and appropriate air pressure settings should be established for each individual. The units are portable and may be used when traveling.

Think you might have sleep apnea?

If you’re having difficulty sleeping, waking up tired and napping during the day, talk to your physician about getting a referral to the CMH Sleep Clinic. The CMH Sleep Clinic will conduct an overnight sleep study to monitor and assess your breathing and the quality of your sleep. It may be the first step to once again enjoying a good night’s sleep.

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