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Current job openings at CMH at the Cloquet Hospital

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Current Openings

Current job openings at CMH

Posting Number Job Title Department Status Hours / 2 weeks FTE* Schedule Posting Date Benefit Eligible Apply
IMG-CTCAS-0223CT Technologist, Imaging
view description
ImagingCasual0-32 hours0 - .4Days, nights; 8-12 hour shifts, limited call.05/06/2024noApply
CFO-DIRHIM-0524Director of Health Information Management
view description
Health Information ManagementRegular Full-time801.0Primarily days, Monday- Friday 05/09/2024yesApply
view description
Environmental ServicesTemporary40-56.5-.7Day shifts; Weekdays and weekends 05/16/2024noApply
view description
Environmental ServicesNon-posted Regular Part-time56-80/2 weeks.7 - 1.0All shifts including weekends03/06/2024yesApply
view description
Environmental ServicesRegular Full-time801.0Days, Afternoons and Weekends 05/15/2024yesApply
BG-MEC-0224Maintenance Engineer
view description
Building and GroundsRegular Full-time80/2 weeks1.0All shifts03/14/2024yesApply
FMC-MA-0624Medical Assistant
view description
CMH Raiter Family ClinicPosted Regular Part-time64-80.8-1.0Days05/15/2024yesApply
FMC-MA-0524Medical Assistant
view description
CMH Raiter Family ClinicRegular Part-time64-80.8-1.0Days05/15/2024yesApply
FMC-MA-0724Medical Assistant
view description
CMH Raiter Family ClinicRegular Part-time64-80.8-1.0Days05/15/2024yesApply
INP-NAR-0124Nursing Assistant-Registered
view description
Med/SurgNon-posted Flex Part-time48-64/2 weeks.6 - .8All shifts03/13/2024yesApply
BO-PAR-0324Patient Access Representative
view description
Business OfficeRegular Part-time40 - 80/2 weeks.5 - 1.0All shifts: days, afternoons, weekends & holidays03/15/2024yesApply
VPC-OPA-0124Physician Assistant
view description
OrthopedicsRegular Full-time80 1.0Days; On-call responsibilities 03/21/2024yesApply
IMG-RTMAM-0624Radiology Technologist (Mammography),Imaging Services
view description
ImagingRegular Part-time64-80.8-1.0All shifts, rotating weekends05/03/2024yesApply
IMG-RT-0224Radiology Technologist (on-Call),Imaging
view description
ImagingOn-CallOn-Call; No set hoursOn-Call; No set FTEAll shifts, Rotating weekends05/07/2024noApply
INP-RN-0124Registered Nurse
view description
Med/SurgRegular Part-time56 - 72.7 - .9Days, evenings, & every other weekend.03/01/2024yesApply
RT-RTAC-0524Respiratory Therapist- Acute Care Hospital
view description
Respiratory TherapyRegular Part-time48-64 hours.6-.810 Hour Days, Weekends, with some after hours call (within 30 minutes of facility)04/17/2024yesApply
BO-URPAS-0524Utilization Review & Prior Authorization Specialist
view description
Business OfficeRegular Full-time801.0Days: Monday-Friday; Hours Negotiable05/16/2024yesApply

How to apply

Complete a job application and submit your form online by clicking on “Apply” above. Any questions contact:

CMH Human Resources
512 Skyline Blvd.
Cloquet, MN 55720

Community Memorial Hospital cannot guarantee all open positions are posted on the website nor grant all candidates an interview.

*FTE = hours worked per 2 week pay period. (Multiply number by 8 = number of hours per 2 week pay period; Example: .6 FTE x 8 = 48 hours worked out of 80 hour 2 week pay period.)

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