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Visiting Specialists at the Cloquet Hospital

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Visiting Specialists


Dermatology services at CMH Raiter Family Clinic are provided on Tuesdays by Twin Ports Dermatology. Dermatology services focus on achieving optimal skin health through individual care. New patients are welcome, most insurances are accepted, and a physician’s referral is not required. To schedule appointments in Cloquet with Kaitlyn Bhoopal, APRN or Amy Larson, APRN, please call 218-302-1000.


Nephrology services at CMH focus on the treatment of kidney conditions, including the diagnosis of the causes and levels of kidney failure. Treatments include medication, diet changes, dialysis, and surgery. A physician’s referral is required. For appointments, please call  218-249-6230.


Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine and surgery that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the eye. Ophthalmology services are provided by Dr. Kevin Treacy and Dr. Jeffrey Weis.

For appointments with Dr. Treacy, please call 218-249-4800; no referral is required. Dr. Treacy sees patients at St. Luke’s Ophthalmology Associates in Duluth and at the Miller Creek Medical Clinic in Hermantown. For appointments with Dr. Weis, please call 218-625-1917; an optometrist referral is required. Dr. Weis sees patients at Weis Eye Center in Hermantown.

Plastic Surgery

CMH provides aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery services for children and adults by Dr. Edgar Saldana, a board-certified plastic surgeon with Plastic Surgery Center of Duluth. For appointments, please call 218-215-8990. The need for a referral is based on your insurance company.


Podiatry services at CMH include foot care, exams, and more, and are offered by Dr. Stacy Nipp. Dr. Nipp sees patients on Fridays at CMH Raiter Family Clinic. A physician’s referral is required. For appointments with Dr. Nipp, call 218-879-1271.

Spine Surgery

Neurosurgeon Dr. Jared Broadway of Northern Neurosurgery and Spine offers spine surgery at CMH. Dr. Broadway’s minimally invasive spinal surgery on the neck, back, and SI joint (the triangle shaped bone just above your tailbone) allows patients who have exhausted non-surgical pain management options to find relief. CMH patients can schedule a consult with Dr. Broadway by calling 218-878-7626


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